In his latest effort to capitalize on his new position as City Manager, Patrick Burtch has proposed a new city ordinance that would take away the freedom of Jackson citizens to chose their trash collector and monopolize the trash collection business in the City of Jackson. One has to ask why? Burtch says that he wants to "streamline" the city's trash collection services and prevent unsanitary conditions but something about this garbage deal stinks.

The Mayor of our city, his crooked City Manager and the self-interested City Council member who stand with him our stealing our tax dollars right from under our noses, rubbing it in our faces and destroying any hope Jackson has for an economic recovery.

If you think Jackson sucks, Jackson’s jail sucks even worse. Although I have never been inside of its walls, I have had the privilege of seeing it through ten inches of bullet proof glass. In what reminded me of a weird night in a peep show booth, I was able to visit my relative behind protective glass. Besides the fact that the room was around 40 degrees and that my feet stuck to the floor, it wasn’t that bad.



Philip C. Curtis from the Jackson Independent Monitor interviews Sister Donahue of the Nuns on the Bus about their  mission and what they were doing in Jackson, Michigan.